Hotel MedioMundo's Gift Shop

Hotel MedioMundo

We offer fine quality Mexican and Guatemalan functional and decorative artisan crafts including ceramics, hand carved wood, textiles, and jewelry.
You are bound to find artistic pieces to take home as gifts or reminders of your adventures in Merida and Mexico.
Open to the public daily from 9 AM to 10 PM.

Mood bead earrings

Mood beads are making a comeback from the 70's. Galería de Fotos

Our exclusive line of earrings

We also have earrings with stainless steel components, turquoise, agatha, howlite, coral, jade, and other exotic beads. Galería de Fotos

Our exclusive line of necklaces

Our exclusive line of earrings are so popular that we are now offering necklaces too. Made with silver, turquoise, agatha, howlita, coral, etc. Galería de Fotos

Prehispanic designed pottery from michoacan

Burnished clay pottery decorated with prehispanic designs and elaborated in the negative (al negativo) is one of the most outstanding techniques from the pre-colonial era of Mexico. They are representative of the Purepecha culture from around the Pátzcuaro Lake in the State of Michoacan. Galería de Fotos

Ceramics by a master craftsman

Fine quality and high temperature functional ceramics by an internationally acclaimed master craftsman Francisco Javier Servin. Each piece is handmade and uniquely decorated with ceramic glazes, baked at 1260 degrees, and free of lead, cadmium, and other harmful metals. Galería de Fotos

Ceramics by a master craftsman

The variety of shapes, sizes, and uses of these fine ceramics include coffee mugs, water cups, plates, vases, 3 piece office sets( includes card, pen, and clip holders), lamps, planters, jewerly boxes, candy boxes, and liqueur bottles. Galería de Fotos

Oaxacan black clay pottery

The world renowned black pottery is from San Bartolo Coyotepec in Oaxaca, Mexico. Skilled artisans have developed a unique art form using traditional, time-honored techniques. The artists lovingly form and decorate each piece entirely by hand. Mostly decorative and should not be used to serve food. Galería de Fotos

Macrame from chiapas and Puebla

The ancient art of macramé is a craft of knotting a diversity of geometric patterns without the use of hooks, needles, or hoops. I remember it's popular revival back in the 60s and 70s. In our recent trips to Chiapas and Puebla, I couldn't resist buying from the artisan street fairs a lovely selection of sculptured necklaces, bracelets and rings. Some pieces include fossil stones from Chiapas. Galería de Fotos

Textiles from Chiapas

New in our shop is a wide variety of pillow covers from Chiapas from affordable to the finest quality available. We sorted through hundreds to find choice pieces with great color combinations to compliment your home decor. Galería de Fotos

Clay jaguars from amatenango del valle, Chiapas

Our main attraction this year is our selection of clay jaguars from Chiapas. Each jaguar is hand-molded, hand-painted, and with its own distinct character. The women of Amatenango dedicate themselves to creating pottery, and most begin their clay work in early childhood. Clay for making the pots comes from hillside locations several hours on foot from town. Hard oak firewood for firing the pots comes from the high hills, brought down in a wild go-cart ride to the potters' homes. The women fire their clay goods in pre-Hispanic bonfire kilns, one of the world's oldest firing methods. Galería de Fotos

Authentic talavera from puebla

Only nine certified manufacturers still exist of authentic Talavera ceramic earthenware which can only be made of clays from the state of Puebla, Mexico. The production has remained the same since its creation in the 16th century. Every piece of Talavera is hand-made and carefully hand-painted with vibrant colors of natural mineral pigments and intricate designs creating truly one of a kind works of art. We visited 5 of the certified manufacturers in our trip to Puebla in November and brought back choice pieces for our shop. Galería de Fotos

Purses and bags from Guatemala

We offer purses, hand bags, pouches, in a variety of shapes, sizes, and uses from Todos Santos, Guatemala. The front decorative panels are of tightly woven fine brocade sections from a huipil made on a back strap loom. The rest of the panels are made of striped woven cloths used on the huipils side panels. The interior of each bag is lined with a black fabric and stitched together with quality sewmanship. Galería de Fotos

Our exclusive line of silver earrings

We collect our beads from our travels from all over Mexico and beyond. We use sterling silver findings for our top of the line jewelry. Galería de Fotos

Mayan icon jewelry

To celebrate the new Mayan calendar, silver plate and black leather necklaces and bracelets with Mayan Icons representing the New Era that begins on December 21, 2012. Galería de Fotos